TOP 5: Memorable Moments from Wrestlemania 34 Weekend

This past April, I was lucky enough to attend my sixth Wrestlemania.  Living in Little Rock, Arkansas, it was an easy 6-hour drive.  I wasn’t in New Orleans for long but tried to make the most of it.

Here are a few of the memorable experiences from my 48 hours in Louisiana:

5. WrestleCon Brunch

I’ve regularly attended WWE’s fan event Axxess.  But if you’ve been to one, you’ve been to them all.  This year, I checked out WrestleCon — a third-party event that features retired and independent wrestlers.

They put together a Sunday morning brunch that was well worth the price of admission. If you get a chance to attend in the future, jump on it!

The rest of the event wasn’t my cup of tea.  However, I’m glad I checked it out.

4. Second Row at NXT Takeover

My purchased seat at the NXT event wasn’t that close, but I spotted a half-empty row and decided to make a move.  It worked! It ended up being a fantastic show — and I had a great view…

3. Host City: New Orleans

What can you say about The Big Easy? Everything was walkable and the people are great!  At other Wrestlemanias, you spend half your time traveling.  Not here! It’s the perfect host city for an event like this…

2. Dana White Watching Rhonda Rousey

The history between these two is well documented.  There are plenty of reasons for  UFC’s White not to support Rousey as she ventures to a competitor (of sorts) and leaves his business behind.  But clearly, that’s not the type of person he is.

I was a few rows behind him as he watched like match like a proud dad.

1. Daniel Bryan’s Return

Four years ago, I was in the crowd as Daniel Bryan stood above Randy Orton and Batista as the world champion.  It was dubbed “The Miracle on Bourbon Street.”

You might laugh at the idea a miracle could occur in a scripted business.  But if you’re familiar with Bryan’s background and journey, getting to this point essentially reaches that status.  It wasn’t supposed to happen, but it did.

The same is true for Bryan’s return to the ring after being medically sidelined for two years.  This was a special moment.

Honorable Mention: Cena in the Crowd

I’ll only include this for the picture.  I told the folks sitting around me that I might as well try to get over to John Cena and snap a selfie.  Yeah…about that.

While the experience of the weekend was great, this won’t go down as one of my favorite Wrestlemanias. It was fine, but WWE failed to keep it crowd captivated over the more than five=hour show (yes, that’s too long). Hopefully, they’ll learn from this in the future.

Did you go? What were your favorite moments from the weekend?

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