Cody Rhodes Explains How All In Booking Helps Pay “Life Debt” to Rey Mysterio

Cody Rhodes says he owes Rey Mysterio “everything he has” and booking him for All In helps put a dent in a “life debt” owed for Mysterio helping him land his first singles match at Wrestlemania.

During an interview with Edge and Christian for “E&C’s Pod of Awesomeness,” Cody revealed Rey pulled him into an office with Vince McMahon before Wrestlemania 27 and requested to work him on the “grandest stage of them all.”

Cody says Rey put him over in front of the boss for having good ideas.

“I think he [Vince] even kind of played me. He said, ‘do you have it on paper?’ and I actually had it on paper in my bag. I handed it to him and he just kind of grumbled. And I got a yes out of that grumble,” Cody recalled. “I owe Rey everything I have”

Rhodes says despite all the gratitude he has to Mysterio, the “Master of the 619” still doesn’t spell his name correctly. You can listen to this portion of the podcast around the 23-minute mark:

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