Dinner, Drinks, & a Maneuver: How Marc Mero Took Christian’s Finishing Move

It turns out Marc Mero bought Christian dinner in exchange for taking Captain Charisma’s finishing maneuver during WWE’s Attitude Era.

Forget getting to third base. In wrestling, that’s like hitting a 3-run homer!

During this week’s E&C’s Pod of Awesomeness, Edge asked Christian to recall the time he gifted his finish to the former Johnny B. Badd.

Christian said he and Mero were training with Bret Hart in Calgary when Mero saw Christian hit a fireman’s carry into a diamond cutter — which was Christian’s finish at the time. After seeing it a few more times, Mero invited the younger wrestler to dinner.

Instead of requesting a second date at the end of the night, Mero asked if he could use the move when he returned to WWE television.

“It doesn’t matter what I say, he’s probably going to use it anyway, right? But he was very nice about it,” Christian recalled.

That’s how the finishing move known as the TKO was born.

“Obviously he didn’t have to ask me if he could use it — he could’ve just used it — but he was very friendly about it,” said Christian.

You can listen to the conversation around the 53-minute mark:



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