I’m an award-winning journalist in Little Rock, Arkansas, in the “real world” of television news.  But this centers around a “fake world.”

Long before I ventured into television news,  I got my start in television as a producer/writer/editor on a professional wrestling show in the country’s 5th largest market on the now-defunct UPN affiliate. As a lifelong wrestling fan, I jumped at the opportunity to participate in a business I grew up loving. In the early 2000s at the age of 19, I put everything I had into the work experience in Dallas-Fort Worth and learned more than I could’ve imagined.   I also made plenty of mistakes.  We’ll talk about those on the site in future blogs.

Some 15 years later, I look back on the experience with the fondest of memories (outside of that time Paul Heyman threatened to sue me).  I learned some amazing lessons in business and life that I regularly put into practice.

In addition to my job as a television news manager, I serve as a contributor to ProWrestlingSheet.com and tweet regularly about the current product at AKonWrestling.

This blog showcases some of my thoughts, analysis, opinions, and memories.

Once a fan, always a fan, right?