Much of the work I participated in can be found on the YouTube channel PCW Classics.  The page also include a number of segments and matches that happened after I left the company.  Big thanks to Jamie Oller for saving so many of them.

The channel has 1,000,000 views and counting!  Here are a few of the highlights:

We developed a working relationship with Sabu and were able to use him a few times over the years.  On this night, he participated in a triple threat match along with a hot prospect named Paul London.  London wasn’t with us for long.  He quickly rose to ROH and WWE.

5 years after leaving Professional Championship Wrestling, I was able to return for a couple shows and bring NFL Hall of Famer Deion Sanders with me.  We were working on a series for the Dallas CBS affiliate.  On this night, he mixed it up with the PCW champion Nobe Bryant.

In the early years, PCW was built on the shoulders of guys like Action Jackson, Mike Foxx, and Rodney Mack.  On this night, Foxx and Mack battled one last time before Mack left for World Wrestling Entertainment.

Before there was the Ultimate DELETION, there was Fight! Win! Survive!  and matches like this one.  This is one portion of an “All-Around Town” match that featured Mike Foxx and Iron Eagle battling all over Arlington.  The cops were called a few times, but we made it out without spending a night in the slammer.